Cinematographer & Colorist


AAKSHAY PARAB is a Director of Photography & Colorist based in Los Angeles. He moved his base from New York City in 2016. He sees his profession as art with no boundaries. That’s why he loves being a globetrotter when it comes to work. For him, it’s a perfect blend of passion and recreation.

Raised in Mumbai (India), his passion for cinema grew out of an early love of theatre and storytelling. A complete Cinephile, he is also a Writer-Director specializing in genre and art house cinema.  Aakshay’s film education began with his acceptance into the Film Producing Program of Whistling Woods International, in Mumbai (2012-14). In 2015 he further went on to specialize in Cinematography, which he pursued at the New York Film Academy in New York City where he earned himself a Diploma in Cinematography and moved his base to LA.

He is a member of the esteemed Film Independent Society, Independent Filmmaker Project and Colorist Society International.

The success of his early projects gave him the initial experience and confidence in his producing abilities necessary for him to enter, survive, and thrive in the competitive world of independent films.

With every project, he maintains an open mind and fresh eyes, always seeking a unique and authentic perspective. Through delicate lighting and interesting frames, he focuses on enriching the story telling with style.

Aakshay has seen a steady and purposeful growth in his journey not only as a Director of Photography, but also as a Colorist. “The role of a colorist in completion of the film is exactly that of a painter who paints a canvas” says Aakshay. He catches the vibe of the story from the script to add the mood which the film seeks. He has worked on varied themes and color palettes for different projects. His passion for films has also evolved him as a Colorist.

Aakshay considers a wide range of technical and creative visual issues while working with the Director to deliver the “look and feel” that he or she needs.

On his profession, Aakshay notes: “I am addicted to observing life up-close. Studying life unconsciously has become a habit and capturing moments is and will always be my passion. I intend to use this gift for the issues that concern me about our future on the whole”. It is his deepest desire to contribute in one way or other in the creation of a better future for humankind.

He intends to further the cause of de-objectification of women in various walks of life and the world of LGBT community through his work.

Aakshay believes that we all have a conscience, and he wants to reach that very conscience within his audiences through his work to contribute towards a positive change in this respect.

Aakshay is always enthusiastic when it comes to a new story awaiting its visual narration!